Frequently Asked Questions

Version 2.6.1

iWhich browsers can the website be viewed with?

For using this system we recommend you are using the latest version of your chosen browser. This will be the version we support, and also ensure the most secure experience.

We actively support Chrome, Internet Explorer (on Windows devices), Safari (on Apple devices) and Firefox.

Other modern browsers are likely to work but are not actively supported.

To improve your experience, we store some information on your browser using Cookies and Session Storage. You can read more about this in our Cookies Policy.

iWhy am I asked to log in again when I was already logged in?

There are several possible reasons that you were asked to log in again; the most likely is that your web browser was inactive for a period of 15 minutes or over. This is a safety precaution we have put in place to help prevent unauthorised access to your account.

iUser Security Image Caching

Under certain circumstances the security image used can cache on your computer and result in a different image displaying in your browser than it should. By default with the majority of browsers this should not happen, but the standard configuration of Opera can impose this. To ensure this isn't problematic, please perform the following:

Select: Tools > Preferences > Advanced > History > and set Check Images to 'Always'

Please note: The above is a guide for Opera. Other browsers may vary.